Sedona Fitness Tulsa will not refund my money

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You'd think in this down economy that local businesses, especially start-ups that statistically fail within the first year, would do everything within their means to keep the customers that they have, happy.That is certainly not the case with Sedona Fitness, a new gym located near 31st and Harvard.

I should have taken the hint when they said they would be opening in May but didn't open until August. But anxious to have a gym nearby, I took a chance even though I had a gym that I was pretty happy with. To date, myself and countless others who have forced ourselves out of bed and showed up grumpy and tired have found ourselves griping amongst ourselves in the parking lot at 6am (when they open) staring at locked doors. The first time, annoying.

The second time, really annoying. The third time, shocked. The fourth time, after numerous discussions with management, appalled. The fifth time….priceless.

And after finally "resolving" the issue, it happened again yesterday. Shame on me. But now they won't refund my money because they said the 3 free months – that I had to assertively negotiate hard for – disqualifies the most recent (sixth) incident from being part of a pattern of poor (or no) customer service. Now they won't refund my money or guarantee that it won't happen again.

It seemed painful for them to apologize, but only because I had to make contact. Shame on Sedona Fitness.

Tulsa buyers beware – if you value your time, don't go here.Sedona Fitness doesn't value their customers or their time.

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Sedona Fitness Forest Hills would not refund my money.

When I signed up, they said the treadmills were always free. Then when I joined, I found out I had to wait up to a half hour for a treadmill, and they would not give me back my money.

It went on my credit report... :cry

to Lisa G. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1181089

Please contact me at I need to identify the owner and officers of this company.


I had worked for them before they opened.We had a contract that I left in my folder saying that I would be Personal Training Manager and my salary would be this, etc.

I have two children, one week before they opened they said they wouldn't pay me.

I ended up quitting after finding our contract "disappeared".Terrible people!

to Alicia #1181085

We are looking for the names of the, principal owners, officers, and those that worked for Sedona Fitness Company. Our client had bad experience and we need these people's name. If you could help us take care of these people please contact me at my email:

Thank you Levi


They are a terrible, unprofessional company.They hired me and after working one day he never called me back and I was never paid.

My sister also worked for their sister company before they closed, and I don't think that she ever received her last check.They also closed without notifying their employees.

to Patricia Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1181088

Does anyone know under what other name they have another fitness center contact me at


thank you, very good to know!

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